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1893 Mannlicher Carbine
7.5 x 53.5mm

Obsolete Calibre.

When the Swiss attempted to create a cavalry carbine for their 7.5 round, they made several attempts to shorten the 1889 Schmidt-Rubin.
The most interesting attempt include a folding wooden stock , which feature a large hinge in the buttstock. However, due to the length and weakness of the 89 action,
none of these attempts were successful.

As a result, in 1893 the Swiss government began trials to select a new carbine. Several designs were submitted. SIG submitted two turn-bolt designs,
both turn-bolt and straight-pull Mannlichers were submitted, as well as a modified Mauser design and a straight-pull design by Vogelsang and Krauser.

In the end, the compactness of the straight-pull Mannlicher, won the day

The 1893's bolt and receiver are almost identical to those of the Austrian M1895.
For bolt disassembly and re-assembly instructions click here. However, unlike the M1895, the Swiss 1893 uses a detachable box magazine, fed by the
standard Swiss stripper clips.

Other features of the 1893s included a full length stock and handguard, protected front sight, and a German-style sling-anchor in the buttstock.

The rear sight was had a two-piece arrangement. There was a fixed sight set to 300m, and the was a flip-up adjustable sight graduated
from 400 to 1200m. No provisions were made for a bayonet

The 1893 Carbine remained in production, from 1895 to 1905, when it was replaced by the Schmidt-Rubin Model 1905 Short Rifle.

Today, Model 1893 Carbines are rare. Many were destroyed during drills, where Swiss soldiers smashed the buttstocks of the 1893 against the
ground as hard as they could. This, combined with the small number produced (7750)


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Serial No 2479 : SIG Neuhausen 1895 : £1,200 Has been Refinished. Sold

Serial No 2781 : SIG Neuhausen 1895 : £1,300 Looks to have had the wood cleaned over slightly. Sold

Serial No 6526 : Waffenfabrik Bern 1902 : £1,300 Looks all original with minor handling scuffs. Sold

Serial No 3374 : SIG Neuhausen 1895 : £1,300 Looks all original with minor handling scuffs. Sold

Serial No 1819 : SIG Neuhausen 1895 : £1,300 Looks all original with minor handling scuffs.

Condition is "Very Good" on all of them including the bores.

All have matching bolts etc & come with a leather sling.

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Serial No 2479
Serial No 2781
Serial No 6526

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Serial No 6526
Serial No 3374
Serial No 1819