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Italian Vetterli M1870 Cavalry Carbine
With Bayonet
Manufactured by Torre Annunziata
Calibre 10.35x47R
Serial U2284
Dated 1881

Very Good Condition - Excellent Bore

Antique Obsolete Calibre

The Moschetto da Cavalleria Mod 1870 Cavalry Carbine was adopted on 11th August 1871

The trigger guard does not have the spur of the rifle, possibly as it could cause snagging.

Uncommon for a Cavalry Carbine, it is equipped with a socket bayonet, which is stowed in the reverse position under the barrel & in to the fore-end.

The underside of the barrel has a rectangular lug, which acts as a tennon for the socket bayonet to lock it in either the stowd or extended position

This carbine was manufactured in 1881 at the Reale Fabbrica d'armi di Torre Annunziata Arsenal.
Torre Annunziata is now part of the larger Naples District & is approx 4 Kilometres from Pompeii.

Action still has the fully functional rotating dust cover

Rare these days to find original M1870 Vetterli Rifles & Carbines, most were withdrawn or upgraded in 1887 as the m1870/87 with the magazine added

An Antique Obsolete Calibre – Fully Working – No Licence Required for Collecting


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