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Enfield No2 Mk1 Revolver
Calibre: 38 S&W
Date: 1937

Serial No: E5519
Royal Canadian Air Force

Price: £350

A nice 1937 dated Enfield Revolver by RSAF Enfield.

Canadian acceptance mark right side of action near back strap. Back strap RCAF marked.


After the massive military commitment of the Great War, it is no wonder that Canada had no real need to acquire new military sidearms in the next couple of decades. One exception was the acquisition of handguns specifically for the fledgling Royal Canadian Air Force, first established in 1920 although not being granted the "Royal" accolade until 1924.

The sidearm chosen for this branch of service was the Enfield Revolver No. 2 Mark I .38 S&W.
The initial order for the RCAF was 235 revolvers, in October, 1935, followed by an order for an additional 350 revolvers in October of 1937.

By the end of WWII about 3,500 of these revolvers had been acquired.

This example is 1937 dated, probably from the second order in October 1937, with a clear Canadian Broad Arrow and RCAF marking

Suitable: Section 5 / Section 7.3 / Deactivation