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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
1942 Tula
Round Receiver
Serial No EX713

Standard Model 1891/30 Rifle

In 1930 the "new" rifle was designated the "7,62 mm Rifle, Model of the Year 1891-30", more commonly known as the M91/30.
Changes included the front and rear sights and split barrel bands. Hexagonal receivers were phased out and replaced with round receivers
in 1935 and 1936 respectively at Izhevsk and Tula, the two arsenals which produced the 91/30.

Many rifles dated prior to 1930 are found in M91/30 configuration but retain the original markings on the barrel shank with dates prior to 1930. This is from programs, primarily post WWII, to update older rifles by the Soviets. Primary production ended in 1944.

This example is a Post War Russian Refurb & may probably have seen some of the harshest fighting in WW2.

Still has the original WW2 era stock & the original stock markings are just about visible on the but and not fully removed when refurbished

Has shooting grade bore and matching serial numbers.