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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Built by Tikka in 1944
Serial No 70422
Calibre 7.62x54mm

Late in the Continuation War 1944, Tikkakoski (Tikka) produced M91/30 rifles.
The project was undertaken using the large numbers of M91/30 parts on hand from captured Soviet rifles.

The Finnish M91/30s are mostly built on the earlier hexagonal receivers, but there are some found as is this example on later round receivers,
primarily with barrel dates of 1944

1944 dated Tikka barrel. Low wall round receiver.
The fore-end has been upgraded with the Finnish reinforced butt modification and standard Russian screwed in place sling escutcheons

This example has the Soviet post and globe sight which is less commonly found on Finnish rebuilt M91/30s, as the Finns
preferred the open stacked sight blades

Excellent Condition Including The Bore