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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Sniper Rifles
Izhevsk 1943

Rifle Serial No TA9637
Scope 1943 Serial A-52153

Commission Sale
Genuine Model 1891/30 Russian Nagant Sniper rifle.

The Scope number A-5932153 along with the rifle serial number are etched on to the scope bracketl.
The fore-end has a few light marks just behind the bent down bolt, which only occurs to sniper rifles, this is caused by the bracket mounting screw on
the adjacent sniper rifle stored next to it.

The front fore-end has the distinctive shellac finish normally found on sniper rifles.

These were all refurbished after WW2 in Russian State Arsenals and then put in to deep storage and only just recently released.
They are all direct ex russian military rifles and still have some storage grease remaining on them that will need to be cleaned off, ans the scopes are still sealed after refurbishment.

They all have matching numbers & Modern Russian CIP Proof Marks
Valid in the UK and all other CIP Registered countries

This is a Genuine Snipe Rifle and not the cleaned up standard 91/30 rifles that have been cobbled together with newly made parts to resemble a Sniper Rifle.

Comes with Two Hundred Rounds of Ammunition & Genuine Sling

In Very Good Condition.