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Long Lee Enfield
Magazine Lee Enfield MkI*
Goverment Model

Calibre .303
BSA Lee Speed
Serial No: 10899
Price: £850

Circa 1899 - 1905

This rifle is in Very Good Condition.

The wooden furniture is walnut & has a real nice patina & most of the original blued finish still remains

All correct features for a MkI* including dust cover, bolt safety, long range sights,
magazine cut-off, long tang brass butt plate & magazine link.

Good shooting grade bore that refuses a .305" gauge.
The throat has been checked with a throat erosion gauge and passes.

This is a Commercial Long Lee that has been Goverment Viewed

I believe the later applied additional numbers F967 & G60 were possibly applied when in early Irish Army Service
The known Irish prefixes are CR, ER & G.

The brass butt plate has rack No13 stamped on the tang