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Mosin Nagant Model 1891
Fininish Capture M24
Dated: 1915
Serial No 804258
Calibre 7.62x54mm

At the time of the Russian revolution Finland was under the rule of the Tsar. When Nicholas II was deposed Finland declared its independence and defeated the Russian
forces in Finland, but retained stores of arms. With an urgent need to build an army to defend itself from the real threat of Russia and many Mosins already on hand it
only made sense to adopt it as the primary rifle.

One of the earliest Finnish rebuilding programs was undertaken by the Civil Guard. The rifles were designated M24 and are the same basic pattern as the Russian M91. The funding for these rifles was raised by the Civil Guard Auxiliary known as the Lotta Svard and they are often known as “Lotta Rifles”.

A nice example of an original Russian American Contract Westinghouse M91 rifle

Standard Arsenal mark on the butt & the "boxed SA" mark on the receiver which is an abbreviation of Suomen Armeija (Finnish Army)
and used as a property mark.

American Contract Mosin Nagants Are Now Quite Rare

*** Note: The correct Variation for a Mosin Nagant is "7.62" or "7.62x54". A variation for a "7.62/308" is Not Valid For Mosin Nagants ***