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Type 97 Sniper rifle

Rifle Serial Number: 11895

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The Type 97 Sniper Rifle is based on the Type 38 rifle.

The Type 97 designation comes from the fact it was adopted in 1937, which was the year 2597 according to the Japanese koki calendar, which is based on the foundation of the Imperial line in 660BC.
Kokura arsenal made about 8,000 Type 97 sniper rifles from 1937 to 1939 and Nagoya Arsenal made about 14,500 from 1938 to 1943.

Following the standard practice of the time, it was adapted from an existing infantry rifle in 1937.
The only difference between this rifle and the original Type 38 is that it had a lightened stock, a 2.5 power telescopic sight and a mid-band setup for a monopod and turned down bolt. Later models never had the monopd fitted or removed.

The scope was offset to the left, to allow stripper clip loading. Like other Mauser pattern rifles, it has a five-round box magazine.
The rifle can be loaded with either a 5-round stripper clip, or single rounds.

The Type 97 was manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal and Kokura Arsenal, with the bulk of them made in Nagoya.

This example has a matching bolt, original leather sling, and retails the dust cover.

The chrysanthemum escaped being ground off !!!