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No4 Mk1
Maltby 1942
Serial No M10655
Price: £600

In Very Good Condition.

Manufactured in 1942 at the Royal Ordnance Factory Maltby.

ROF Maltby was the Royal Ordnance Factory rifle manufacturing plant near Maltby, South Yorkshire which manufactured weapons such as the Lee Enfield rifle and Sten Submachine Gun.
Rifles manufactured at Maltby were marked either with and M, RM or ROF(M) to distinguish them from rifles made at other ROF plants.

ROF Maltby's closure was announced in Parliament in July 1957 with dismantling work beginning almost immediately afterwards, and complete demolition had been achieved by 1958.

Action marked No4Mk1 with the Maltby FTR mark

Furniture is walnut with a nice original patina.

Matching numbers on the action, bolt, barrel & fore-end

Looks to be still in its mainly original militay condition and not refinished.

Metal work under the fore-end has been painted, this indicates service in damp & wet tropical environments, this was done to help stop corrosion

The Butt has several rack markings & a date of August 1945, possibly when it went through FTR at Maltby

Bayonet Lugs are intact, recent imports in to the UK have had these Ground off to De-militarise them in Germany Post War

A very good Shooting Grade Bore gauging at .303"

Bedding, Head Space, Bore Wear, Trigger Pull etc Have All been Checked

Original Military Service Condition

A Nice Early War Time Dated British No4