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South African Military Contract
Calibre .303
Serial No 10582
Price: £495

Very Good Condition

This is the standard MkIII .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by BSA

This was part of a large order for rifles through the UK Goverment Crown Office for South Africa

The action, bolt & rear sight have matching serial numbers.
The rear sights graduated from 200 the 2000 yards are fitted & Magazine Cut-off

The wood work is a pleasing medium walnut, complete and in excellent condition with no splts. All metalwork retains most all of its original finish.
The butt has an un-numbered brass marking disc.

The Barrel & Bolt have the BSA Piled Arms Logo, and the Barrel has a good bore Bore. The rifle has the original commercial BM (Birmingham Military) proof marks as there is debate if these are still thats why the rifle has been re-proofed recently.

The Action & Barrel are marked with a "U" and Broad Arrow denoting South African Military Ownership

This rifle is in Very Good Condition with a Good Bore & Windage Adjustable Rear Sight