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Schmidt Rubin
Zfk55 Sniper Rifle
7.5 x 55mm
Serial No: 1714
Date: 1958

Total Production - 4150

Barrel Length - 25.65 inches: 4-groove, RH, concentric rifling, 1 in 10.63
Overall Length - 47.55 inches
Weight - 13.5lbs empty (with scope attached) - Action - Straight Pull Bolt Action
Caliber - 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11)
Capacity - 6 round detachable box magazine - Sights - Tangent-leaf sight graduated to 1500m

While the ZfK55 possess many visual similarities to the K31, the two rifles only have four parts in common
(the cocking piece, the firing pin, the firing pin spring, and the extractor.)

The ZfK55 is fitted with a 3.5x scope mounted to the left of the receiver, with the mounts being an integral part of the receiver.
The entire action of the ZfK55 is tilted at an angle to allow for ejecting cartridges to clear the scope.
The barrel fitted to the ZfK55 is heavier than the one one the K31 and is fitted with a large muzzle-brake/flash suppressor.
The ZfK55 also boasts a half-stock with a pistol grip and a bipod.

Manufactured in 1958 - Serial No Range for 1958 (1171 - 4200)

A nice original example, matching numbers including the scope &scope tin.

Good Condition inlcuding a Very Good bore

A rare rifle not often encountered in the UK