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Mosin Nagant - Model 1891/30
Sniper Rifle
Serial No 251
TULA 1940



Very Good Condition

History of the Side Mount Mod. 38 PEM
In 1938 production of the Mod. 38 PEM side mount began. This new system was very similar to the early Geco mounts. It moved the base from the top of the receiver to the left side. A large scope mount slide on to the base until it met a stop pin and was locked in place by a large screw that threaded though the scope mount and into the base. The scope was secured to the mount by two rings which each had four screws tightening the scope in place. From 1938 to 1940 it was produced solely by Factory No. 314 Tula using high wall receivers, which was necessary to mount a side mount. High wall receivers were not introduced to regular production rifles until 1941 making them unique to PEM snipers (similar to German Long Side Rails) prior to that year.

In 1940 is was decided that the M91/30 was no longer a suitable sniper rifle and production of all bolt action snipers stopped. A semi-auto sniper was desired to replace the M91/30 and so the SVT 40 was chosen to be the new platform. However, this idea was short lived when it was determined that the SVT 40 was not accurate enough for sniper use. As a result, in 1942 it was decided that the M91/30 would again be used. A new mounting system known as the Kochetov Mount (used with the PU) was selected to be the new mounting system.

In 1942 while waiting to produce the new PU system, the newly created and renumbered Factory No. 536 in Tula was ordered to resume production of the Mod. 1938 side mount system with the PEM scope. Factory No. 74 Izhevsk was also ordered to produce the Mod. 38 side mount. 1942 was the last year that the Mod. 38 PEM was produced by a Russian factory.

Estimated production totals, by year, for the PEM side mount at the Tula Factory from 1938 to 1940 and 1942:

Factory No. 314 Tula
1938 = 19,433 rifles, 1939 = 35,376 rifles, 1940 = 7,970 rifles

The CH markings on the receiver denotes it original origin as a sniper rifle.

This example has an original scope & mount on an original 1940 Tula sniper rifle.

Comes with original leather lense covers & canvas scope cover.

*** Note: The correct Variation for a Mosin Nagant is "7.62" or "7.62x54". A Variation for a "7.62/308" is Not Valid For a Mosin Nagant ***