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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1889/18 Bayonet
By SIG Neuhausen

Serial No 322876
Price: £95

Very Good Condition

Issued with the Schmidt-Rubin Models 1889, 1896, 1896/11

Upgraded 1889 Bayonet to 1889/18

Serial Number: 322876 is matched to a 1907 dated M1896/11 Rifle.
There is evidence of a earlier serial number proably when issued with a 1889

On the Mod. 1889/18 dagger bayonet, a subsequent safety rivet (with 6mm or 9mm diameter) was attached in the groove of the blade of a Mod. 1889 dagger bayonet,
which was intended to prevent the bayonet from slipping out of the scabbard.

Muzzle Ring Diameter - 15mm

Manufacturered by Waffenfabrik Neuhausen & SIG Neuhausen


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Schmidt Rubin Bayonet 1918 - K31