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Mosin Nagant
St. Petersburg Calvary School Carbine

Serial No 172883
Calibre 7.62x54mm

Very Rare Mosin Nagant Carbine

Early Mosin-Nagant carbines are rare. The most common one is the carbine m/1907 in two variations, the one for the cartridge m/1891 with the back sight graduated up to 1900 Arshinii and the one for the cartridge m/1908 with the back sight graduated up to 2000 Arshinii. The rarest one is the so called Gendarmerie-carbine Mosin-Nagant, just 11 guns made by Jurlov in 1895 in Sestroretsk from Izhevsk made dragoon rifles m/1891. There are some slightly different later Gendarmerie-carbines, just 8738 made from 1906 to 1913 for the Russian border troops.

There is another very rare early carbine Mosin-Nagant, made specifically for the St. Petersburg Calvary School. It has some very unusual features:

Short slightly bent bolt handle, Back sight of the carbine m/1907, but slightly different back sight base, Stepped muzzle, Completely different bands,
No cleaning rod or handguard, Sling swivel on the left side of the buttstock, Permanently attached metal bayonet scabbard on the right side

Normally the Czarist Eagles are scrubbed, as the ones on this rifle are. There is just one known carbine with those Eagles intact. This can be another indication for the use in the St. Petersburg school: Those schools always were highly indoctrinated political institutions, especially in the Soviet Union, and so the Czarist Eagle was no longer political correct and had to be removed.

These are converted from standard m91 rifles, this one originally being a 1915 dated Tula example