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Walther P1
(Walther P38)
Serial No 255510
Calibre 9mm

A mint Bundeswehr / German Federal Police Walther P1 Pistol

Left side has cancelled BMI markings for Bundesministerium Innern, whidh translates to Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, which controls the German Federal Police

The Bundeswehr P1 pistol is a replica of the Walther P38 which was originally brought into Wehrmacht use in 1940. German common parlance a
nd Bundeswehr regulations exclusively mention the term "Pistole P 1", even though the first pistols were marked with the designation P38.

The P1 was the Bundeswehr standard issue pistol for many years before it was gradually superseded by from 1996 onwards.

At first glance, one can hardly see any difference between the pistols manufactured during World War II and the Bundeswehr weapon, apart from the grip casings. Almost all components look identical.

The delivery of the first new Walther pistols started in June 1957, this one has date marking for April 1964

Suitable for Section 5 or Hertiage Section 7(1) or Deactivation


If you are old enough to remember the Professionals this is the type that Doyle used in the series