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Classic lee Enfield Rifles



London Small Arms
Dated 1904
Calibre .303
Serial No 15062
Price: £600

Commission Sale

Very Good Condition - Long Butt

We have here; an unusual SMLE, originally built as a MkI* in 1904 and later converted by our British Navy at one of their RNOD's.
(Royal Navy Ordnace Depot)

The basis of the conversion was the addition of the charge bridge to replace the bolt mounted bridge.

The butt socket marking has been changed to reflect it is now a MkIII

This one has a late war fore-end without the long range sights, but has the swelling without the inletting for these sights omitted.

The bolt and fore-end appear to be genuine in-servive replacements, with matching numbers, the fore-end has a previous serial number cancelled.

The butt is an original Mk1 type which can only be identified by removing the butt plate to reveal the lightening cuts,
this was done to reduce weight.

Windage Adjustable Rear Sight.

The only spoiler, is the receiver & Charger bridge had previously been drilled & tapped (one screw in each) for a scope mount,
but these have been plugged off & are hardly noticable.

The barrel is a recent replacement and is in Excellent Condition