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Birmingham Small Arms
Dated 1916
Calibre .303
Serial No C82425
Price: £400

Very Good Condition

A recent find out in Europe, this rifle appears to be in its original configuration as it left the BSA factory on 1916.

All serial numbers are matching throughout.

This rifle had been stored in a old canvas cloth slip which had obvioulsy got damp & started to rot over the decades it had lain forgotten.

The bore is very good, as is the metal work below the woodwork, the bolt handle, nose cap & rear sight protector has suffered because of the damp canvas storage slip and has caused some rust pitting.

The fore-end is the transitional type that has the swelling for the Long Range Volley Sights, and is absaloutely correct for a 1916 rifle.

I made the descision to leave the rifle as found so that the new owner can decide whether to restore or not.

The only part that had to be replaced was the rear safety spring, which was done becasue it is a safety feature.

Has the desirable windage adjustable rear sight

Obvioulsy it has never been commercially proofed before, only the original military proof, so was submitted to the Birmingham Proof House
where it past proof with no issues.