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Classic lee Enfield Rifles



Dated 1929
Calibre .303
Serial No 5731 D
Price: £700

Very Good Condition

The Rifle Factory Ishapore (also known as Ishapore Arsenal) is still an Indian state-owned arms manufacturing unit located at Ichhapur in the state of West Bengal.

In 1904, a rifle factory was established by the British at Ichhapur, anglicized as Ishapore, and began production of the Lee–Enfield rifle, which has continued- more or less- until the mid-1980s.

Military rifles manufactured at Ishapore pre-1949 are stamped "GRI" on the buttsocket, referring to George Rex, Imperator (i.e. King George VI, last Emperor of India) and were under British control, the same as the Ordnace Factories in the UK.

Rifles manufactured post-1948 (Indian Independance) are stamped "RFI", which stands for Rifle Factory, Ishapore.

Between 1919 & 1939 121,000 SMLE's were manufactured at Ishapore


A nice example dated 1929 with a good bore, butt marked "S" which is aprrox 12mm shorted than standard

Matching Numbers: Action, Barrel, Bolt & Rear Sight