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No4 Mk1
POF 1953
Serial No A2757
Calibre .303
Price: £525

Pakistan Ordnance Factory (P.O.F.)

The Birmingham Small Arms Co. Stopped manufacture of their No4 rifles at the end of WWII.
Some time circa 1949/50 they sold the tooling and machinery from their Shirley plant to the Pakistan Ordnance Factory in Wah, Pakistan.

POF production of the No4 Nk1 started in 1951, this example is dated 1953

POF Manufcatured both the No4 Mk1 & No4 Mk2

A Standard No4 Mk1 that looks the same as the earlier British made examples, the only give away is the POF engraving on the side of the action

Very Good Condition

The bore is slightly frosted caused by Corrosive Ammunition, however refuses the .305 gauge, the throat wear gauge indicates the throat is within spec as well.

Fitted with a Long Butt

POF Examples are not exceptionally rare, just not common