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No4 Mk1
BSA 1944
Serial No Z3686 / AL14091
Calibre .303
Price: £550

Very Good Condition

This rifle was manufactured in 1944 by BSA, as denoted by their Wartime Code M/47C stamped on the left side of the Butt Socket.

The butt socket markings tell some of the history on this rifle, firstly it was Factory Thorough Repaired (FTR) at one of the Army Base Workshops.

It has a double serial number, which indicates it saw service with the Indian Arrmy, as well post war; identified by the AL prefix.

It is stocked in a dark walnut which is in very good condition.

Still retains its war time 300/600yard sights.

This rifle came from a batch that were surplused through a large German Wholesaler in Frankonia

I had to do some work on the rifle to get it in a fully servicable state, this comprised of:

Adjust the bedding, it is now set up correctly, and the muzzle has been re-crowned

The trigger has the correct 2-stage pull.
The bore is in good condition, with some loss of brightness, has the standard 5 groove rifling measuring excellent at .303"

The top handguards were a slightly different colour, so have been stained to match using traditional stain.

All the wood work has been thoroughly treated with Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO) and has been allowed to dry for the past 4 weeks