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Model 1899 Bayonet
By Waffenfabrik Neuhausen
Serial No 462675
Price: £150

Excellent Condition

Issued with the Schmidt-Rubin Models 1896/11, 1911 Rifle, 1911 Carbine
In practise becasue of the 15mm Muzzle Ring these will fit all earler types of rifle as well.

The Model 1899 Bayonet added an arresting bar in the fuller to help keep the bayonet in the scabbard.
Note: the arresting bar is in both fullers.

The 1899 bayonet was produced in two versions (hole diameter for the barrel); one for the long rifle barrels in 15mm and once for the carbine barrels
in 14mm. The versions can be determined based on the weapon number.
1899 bayonets for Carbines are rather rare.

Muzzle Ring Diameter - 15mm & 14mm

This example is in 15mm

Manufacturered by Waffenfabrik Neuhausen
Serial No 152977 was originally issued with a 1918 Dated Model 1911 Rifle

Bayonets were always delivered to the armories without a weapon number. When a rifle was issued, the bayonet corresponding to the type of troop was numbered by the armory according to the rifle number and then handed over to the soldier.


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