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Nazi K98
Waffenwerke Bruenn
Calibre: 8x57mm
Serial No: 8863f
Date 1943
Price: £700

Good Condition

A nice example of a K98 rifle manufactured by Waffenwerke Bruenn, A.-G., Werke in 1943.

The top of the receiver ring is marked with a waffenamt proof over "dou / 43", the left side with the Nazi firing proof and the serial number.

The 1943 “dou” K98k rifles start to differ from 1942 production between the “r” and the “s” block serial number ranges.
Stamped parts start to replace the milled parts. Front bands, rear bands, and
triggerguards are used (Waffenamt “214” subcontracted parts from Berlin Lubecker and Waffenamt “135”
subcontracted parts from Mauser Oberndorf).

Waffenamt “63” rifle bolts from Brno appear in great numbers on these rifles.

Serial number locations and Waffenamts continue in the same locations as on the 1942 rifles, with no serial numbers om the barrel.


A nice example with a bore that gauges at .313".

Always check the bore gauge as these are normally quite worn.

Lamintaed stock, cleaning rod, front sight hood & sling.

Bolt has matching numbers, other parts have mixed numbers.

Ready To Go