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Schmidt Rubin
Model K11 - Carbine
7.5 x 55mm
Rifle Serial Number: 162143
£350 - Sold

Very Good Condition - Matching Serial Numbers

The serial number of this rifle dates it to circa 1928.

Produced concurrently with the 1911 Rifle, the 1911 Carbine replaced both the Short Rifle and Calvary Carbine.
While production of the 1911 rifle stopped in 1919, Carbine production continued until 1933 with some 184,000 Carbines being produced.

These rifles & carbines, along with those converted to the new pattern, fired the new GP11 round.
The 1911 possessed all the improvements of the converted Schmidt-Rubin 1896/11 Rifle.
Original leather sling and the originals owners detail are still stored under the butt plate

This example is now 90 years old

This is a nice original rifle having a very good bore