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We have two deactivated revolvers available; serial numbers: 174305 &

Austro-Hungarian Rast Gasser Revolvers

Rast & Gasser M1898 Army Revolver

Rast & Gasser, Ottakring, Vienna, manufactured Approx 200,00 of these revolvers between 1898-1918

Caliber: 8mm Rast & Gasser (8.1x27mm, 8.2x27.5mm)

8-chamber cylinder

The last handgun to carry Gasser's name was the 8mm Rast & Gasser Model 1898 service revolver (double action), adopted by the army of Austria-Hungary.
This revolver was issued to NCOs and officers of the army. The M1898 was a very well made weapon that had several unusual features for a revolver. One was a method of stripping which was effected by squeezing and pulling down on the trigger guard and flipping the side plate open. Another was the very positive safety.

This 8-shot solid-frame pattern had an ejector rod beneath the barrel. The Abadie-type loading gate on the right side of the frame behind the cylinder disconnected the hammer from the trigger when it was opened for loading. The trigger mechanism could be used in either a single or double-action mode.

The angular Rast & Gasser had its grip too square to the bore to aid instinctive shooting. The frame is marked 'PATENT RAST & GASSER WIEN' above the trigger.

The serial numbers are on the left side of the frame and barrel, an on the cylinder. During WW2 the M1898 revolver was still in widespread use in Central Europe and the Balkans, and numbers were in use with the Italian Army.

The main reason for this retention was undoubtedly the high standard of manufacture used in this revolver.



Rast & Gasser M1898 Army Revolver
Issue Date 1918
Serial No 174305

An inspector's mark 'Wn' for Wiener-Neustadt, a Habsburg eagle and a two-digit date for 1918 can be found on top of the frame

This example has the ML Marking

Certain examples of these revolvers are found with an 'ML' mark on their cylinders and barrels.
The 'ML' stands for 'Molybdan Legiertem Stahl' (Molybdenum Alloy Steel) indicating a better material. The right amount of Molybdenum improves hardenability and reduces temper embrittlement of the steel.
All revolvers produced after 73400 have the 'ML' marks.



Rast & Gasser M1898 Army Revolver
Issue date 1902
Serial No 11982

An inspector's mark 'Wn' for Wiener-Neustadt, a Habsburg eagle and a two-digit date for 1902 can be found on top of the frame

Regimental Markings 6 PR 65 = Pionier(e) Regiment