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Long Lee Enfield
Calibre .303
Serial 54666

Price: £995

The Magazine Lee Enfield MkI (L.E. MkI) was the first in a long series of Lee Enfield Rifles and was approved on the 11th November 1898.

To all intents and purposes, it is identical to the Lee Metford MkII*, with the exception of a new barrel, with Enfield rifling, and the receiver body markings.

On the 19th May 1889, clearing rods were abolished in Britsih Service, which meant that rifles & carbines of future manufcature were made wthout clearing rod holes in the
nose cap & fore-end.

This resulted in a new designation of L.E. MkI*. Clearing rods were withdrawn from arms which had been fitted with them, and this is the reason why few of the early
Magazine Rifles & Carbines are found with their clearing rods.

The official date for the L.E. MkI* was 7th August 1899.

Sparkbrook Manufactured 83,294 MkI* Rifles

This is a nice example with a mint bore. Matching Numbers on Barrel, Bolt & Action.
Barrel appears new (probably old / new stock) and has been changed at some point in the past.

Also fitted with the windage adjustable rear sight as used on the Charger Loading Lee Enfield MkI*