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No4 Mk 1/2

Serial No PF30283
Calibre .303
Price: £600

*** Commission Sale ***

Regulated & Refinished by T.Stensby & Co Ltd

This rifle was manufactured in 1948 and was later upgarded to No4 Mk2 spec sometime after & before 1956
The original Mk1 (Singer) sight is still present.
The action, bolt, fore-end & magazine have matching serial numbers.

This example has been refinished & fully regulated by T.Stensby & Co Ltd who are still known to this day as quality gunmakers, this would of been of the time when the No4 was the main target rifle used at Bisley crica 1960's.

Regulating consisted of ensuring all bearing surfaces are correctly adjusted in the fore-end. The standard muzzle end bearing was removed
and a new centre bedding was inletted which meant the last 12" of barrel was free floating.

At the time there was two classes of Service Rifle which was Service Rifle A & Service Rifle B. "A" was standard military set up & "B"
were rifles with improved & modified bedding arrangements

Regulated Enfields could only be shot in the Service Rifle B catergory

The head spacing has been checked & verified

Very Good Bore - Gauging at 0.3035"