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M91/38 Carbine
1914 Izhevsk
Serial No 81611


The M91/38 carbine is cut down from an M91, and most closely resembles an M38. The easiest way to recognize an M91/38 is the short length, carbine style sights, and imperial era barrel markings and dates. The M91/38 was not issued with a bayonet and will not accept the M91/30 bayonet due to it's heavier front sight base.

M91/38s can be from any year or arsenal of M91 production this example was converted by a 1914 dated Izhevsk rifle

The M38 rear sight is identical to the later pattern M38 with a slight curve from the rear ending at a rounded area for the leaf pin. The graduations are marked on the top of the leaf from 1 to 10 representing hundreds of meters. The base is a sleeve which fits around the barrel and is held in place with one pin at the rear.

The M91/38 front sight base is made from a later wide M44 type with the bayonet lug removed. The original pin at the bayonet lug can be seen as an hourglass shape to the left of the first picture. The post and globe assembly is the same as the later wide M44 type.

Fairly Rare Rifle in The UK - Excellent Condition

Very Good Shooting Grade Bore