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Mauser G98
Date: 1916
Calibre 7.92mm
Serial No: 8114
Price: £SOLD

Mauser Gewehr 98 (often abbreviated to G98, Gew 98, or M98)

The Gewehr 98, was introduced into German military service in 1898, replacing the Gewehr 1888. The bolt-action design was a refinement of the 1895 design.

Ongoing changes made to the original design included :
1903 Internal bolt and Firing Pin change.
1903 / 1905 Change from .318 J Bore to .323 S Bore.
1903 / 1905 Lange sight changed from 200 to 400 meters.
1916 Unit disk replaced with takedown washer.
1916 Stock grasping grooves added.
1916 Solid Beech stocks authorised.

A nice example of a 1916 dated G98 manufcatured at the Imperial Arsenal DANZIG.

Nearly all matching numbers, see details below. Bolt body has a matching numbers but may have been remarked, hard to say for sure,
other bolt components are not matched.

Correct for an Imperial G98, the receiver / bolt are not blued & has the Lange sight

Production took place at DANZIG from 1899 through 1908 and 1912 through 1918

Regimenatlly Marked 106.R.8.5.

Koniglich Saschisches 7th Infanterie regiment No.106. Koenig Georg.
Formed 1708, based Leipzig. Part of XlX Armee Korps in 1914. Royal Saxon 7th infantry regiment No.106 King George.
8th battalion weapon No 5

Very Good Gondition - Including The Bore