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No4 Mk2
Serial No GR009
Calibre 7.62
Price: £595

*** Commission Sale ***

7.62mm Enfield Target Rifle - Built & Regulated circa 1984

Built in the style of of the Enfield Envoy and in fantastic order throughout with mint bore,
very fine target bedded woodwork and PH5C rearsight.

Fitted with a genuine Enfield 7.62mm magazine & correct 7.62 Extractor

This would have been a top end target rifle of the day.

The owner is giving up Full Bore shooting due to age.

Action is the late No4 Mk2, with no legacy boss that would have been used for the magazine cut-off.

Fitted with a genuine Enfield Hammer Forged Barrel.

The action appears in original condition and not refinished, but has unusual (ROF) markings for the Royal Ordnance Factory

Excellent to Mint Condition