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Military Target Rifle
Royal Ordnance Factory Enfield 1970
Serial No A850
Calibre 7.62x51
Price: £995

*** Commission Sale ***

Excellent Original Example

This particular example was manufactured at Enfield in 1970 and is number A850
The L39A1 has a half stocked forend fitted with a Enfield hammer forged heavy barrel
built on a No4 Mk2 action.

These Rifles were originally supplied with a standard No4 Butt, counter bred to accept the parker hale element holder, without target Sights & 7.62mm magazine to the military units.

Each Unit would have to fund the required sights & fit 7.62 Magazines or just use the standard .303 magazine as a loading platform.

It was also common for the military units to fit the No8 Type butt as well

All L39A1 rifles had no magazine or sights fitted and were all sent to Donnington straight from Enfield

This example has been fitted with the AJ parker Twin Zero 7,62mm Rear Sight & Matchmaker Fore-sight.

Also fitted with a Genuine CR Code 7.62mm Magazine

The previous owner had Fultons fit a Long Length No8 Butt a few years ago, which is more comfortable for target shooting,
the original butt remains & comes with the rifle.


This is one of the best original L39 rifles we have had for many years.

This would make a great addition to any Enfield Collection