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The Swift Rifle Series B
Price: £350

The British SWIFT Training Rifle

*** Non Firearm ***

This training rifle was not a firearm. It was intended simply to provide a tool to allow an instructor to teach holding and aiming. To that end, the rifle was provided with a bolt which actioned realistically, including a safety, sights equivalent to those on the service arm for which it was a reproduction, and a representative trigger pull.

The rifle was fitted with a spring operated pointed wire probe inside a protective fore-tunnel. This cocked with the action of the bolt, and on trigger release, shot forward out of the tunnel and punched a mark in a target fixed to a wooden frame in front of the recruit. The rifle and calibration board packed into a typical transit box to allow easy transport to any proposed site for use. The whole system included the deck-chair-like folding target frame. No range was needed, and small hall or room could provide a suitable venue. The rifle's main advantage was that it presented a means of familiarising recruits with the Service rifle without expenditure of ammunition, or occupation of valuable range facilities needed for more advanced training. Although most of the Swift rifles used in the U.K. were issued to the Royal Air Force, (the Army seemingly treating the idea with a degree of contempt), attempts were made to sell them in other quarters. Even rifle clubs were encouraged to use the system to train volunteers.

The Swift Rifle Series B
Below is the Mark III rifle in its transit case. The wooden hood was replaced with a fixed sheet metal alternative on the Mks. II and III rifles. An improved arrangement, but still cumbersome and obstructive to the "firer". The side plates of the "action" body have been reduced in height and reshaped, compared with the Mark I, to more represent the No.4 rifle. The basic design, however, was still that of the early Series A rifle, being an emulation of the No.3 (P14) service arm.

The Swift Rifle Company manufactured these training rifles. The company base was at 67-68, St Aldate's, Oxford; but they also had London offices and a demonstration room at 29, Palace Gate, W2.
The rifles were produced in four known marks, in two series - "A" and "B".

This example is still in its original RAF Box.
I havent tested or tried this one.
Being a commission Sale its sold as seen.