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No4 Mk1*
Savage 1944
Serial No 0C5074
Calibre .303
Price: £550

In Very Good Condition.

Manufactured in 1944 by Savage

This is one a very nice Savage No4, proably one of the best we have had in along time,

Nearly all the original military Finish remains.

The walnut wood-work is in excellent condition witha really nice patina.

Normal Length Butt with a alloy butt plate. The trigger is crisp with the correct two stage pull.

The barrel is original and is in very good condition with no wear, and has the standard 2 groove right hand rifling

Left hand side of the butt socket is marked 46, indicating it has been back to base workshops circa 1946 for repairs

This is a Genuine example of a WW2 war dated No4 Lee Enfield still in its original military condition.