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No4 Mk1
ROF Fazakerley 1942
Serial No N28051A
Calibre .303
Price: £625

Matching & in Excellent Condition - Long Butt

This rifle was manufactured in 1942, and FTR'd in 1948, was one of the very last Mk1's FTR'd as a Mk1 as very shortly all FTRs were to the No4 Mk2 spec.
Within a couple of Months the No4 Mk2 would have been in production.

The action, bolt, magazine & fore-end have matching serial numbers.
It is stocked in walnut which is in very good condition. The fore-end has the matching serial number stamped on it. The butt is of Long length and has the brass butt plate.
The trigger has the correct 2-stage pull. The bore is in mint condition and has the standard 5 groove rifling measuring very tight at .302".

One of the best No4 Mk1's we have had for a long time.