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No4 Mk1
Birmingham Small Arms
BSA 1942
Serial No ZZ657
Calibre .303
Price: £575

Excellent Condition.

A really nice 1942 dated BSA No4 Mk1 Rifle

The "ZZ" prefix serial numbers are allocated by Ordnance when the rifle serial number become illegable.

The walnut stock is really nice & has the grooved handguard

Being an early rifle it has been through two FTRs (Factory Thorough Repair), the first one proably during the war when the left hand
side of the butt socket was marked FTR. Then again in 1949 at Fazakerley.

This would have been one of the last No4s FTR'd to the Mk1 standard as Fazakerley were just starting to build No4 Mk2s at this time and later the same year were rebuilding older models to the Mk2 standard.

Matching serial numbers action, bolt, fore-end & magazine.

The bore is in mint condition amd measure .302"