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Smith & Wesson MkII Hand Ejector
British Military Contract
Serial No: 25052
Circa 1916/17

Calibre 0.455

Price: £575

This is a very nice British issued .455 hand ejector in very good overall condition and would make a handsome addition to any collection.

Production of the .455 Mark II Hand Ejector Second Model began in 1915 and continued until 1917 with serial numbers following on from the First model starting at serial number 5001 and continuing on up to serial number 74755. In total there were 69,754 Mark II .455's produced.

The most easily recognisable change from the first model to the second model was the removal of the ejector rod housing under the barrel, the third lock was also removed. Small changes were made such as the opening in the frame for the cylinder, this was increased by .02" both top and bottom giving more clearance.

This a very nice S&W with most of its original finish remaining, the bore is very good, and the grips are undamaged.

There is some rub and loss of blue on the high points & on the barrel consistent with holster wear

This is a genuine Miliary contract, and bears the Enfield military inspectors

For a pistol that is now 100 years old and issued in WWI it has survived in remakable condition

Very Good Originall Condition Including The Bore

Suitable for Section 7.1 or 7.3