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Polish Radon Vis 35 9mm
Calibre: 9mm
Date: Circa 1939-1941

Serial No: 8073
Price: £1,295

(Pistolet wz. 35 Vis)
VIS M1935 Radom P.35(p)

The Radom produced during the German occupation is split in onto 3 major variations, according to finish, slot for shoulder stock and the presence
of the decocking lever. This is one of the early 1st variations, & has a non prefix serial number range

1st Variation : High polish-finish; stock cut for shoulder stock; with P.35(p) slide markings

RADOM VIS Mod. 35 Pat. Nr. 15567

These early examples were generally assembled with pre occupational parts hence the high quality of finish early features

A nice example of a Radom made under the desperate times of Nazi Germany's Occupation of Poland. Correct Waffenamt markings

All matching parts, excellent original condition.

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