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No4T Mk1 (T)
Sniper Rifle
Serial No: M33888
No32 MkIII Telescope: 22153

BSA 1944

Calibre .303

Price: £4500 - Commission Sale

A genuine WW2 No4T Sniper Rifle With No32 MkIII Scope

One of a batch of No4 Mk1(T) sniper rifles relaeased by the Irish Army a few years ago, remaining in its original matching condition
as it left Holland & Holland in 1944, including the original matching MkIII No32 Scope

The action, bolt and fore-end etc all have matching serial numbers.

The butt is original and has the S51 Holland & Holland war time code and matching scope serial number stamped on the wrist

The scope bracket is stamped "N92" denoting manufacture was by Dalglish.

The action has all the correct markings denoting its conversion to Telescope Rifle "No4T".

Its nice to see that the butt is fitted with the wider sling swivel which made fitting and removing the leather pattern sling much easier and is a correct upgrade post WW2, also the sling swivel fitted forward of the magazine is a genuine Enfield marked one and not a Parker Hale version.

This is a Genuine Original No4T Fitted With The Desirable No32 MkIII Scope.

These rifles were released form the Irish Army without Transit Cases

Very Good Bore Gauging at .303"