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Mauser Model 1893
DWM - Berlin
Calibre 7x57mm
Serial No: 7613
Price: £700 -Sold

Very Good Condition - Matching Numbers - Very Good Bore

OVS Marked - Boer Contract Mauser

Rifles ordered by the Orange Free State were marked “O.V.S” above the serial number and directly below it on the stock, while those delivered by the
Transvaal had an A, B, or C letter prefix preceding their serial number. Because of manufacturing dates stamped on their receivers,

Some of the last Mauser rifles delivered to the Boers were equipped with turned-down bolt handles to make them more suitable for use by mounted men.

Many of these Mausers did not make it through the British naval blockage and were sent back to Germany where they were rollmarked with the Chilean crest and shipped to Chile.

This one has no Chilean Crest so with all probablility a Genuine Boer Mauser

Many Boers personalized their rifles with carvings on the buttstocks. These might include the owner’s initials, full name, dates, home district, wives’ or girlfriends’ names, or decorative patterns. This one has evidence of these marks being removed at a later time.

This example has just been proofed. The rear sight leaf spring had cracked & has just been braze repaired, other than that an untouched example

A Nice Example of a Genuine Boer Mauser, Matching numbers (Except Cleaning Rod) & Turned Down Bolt