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M.78. Vetterli Rifle
Serial No: 150648
10.4×38mmR (Rimfire)
Obsolete Calibre

Very Good Condition

Comes with its original leather sling

The Vetterli rifles were a series of Swiss army service rifles in use from 1869 to 1889,when they were replaced with Schmidt–Rubin rifles.

The Swiss Vetterli rifles combined the American Winchester Model 1866's tubular magazine with a regular bolt featuring for the first time two opposed rear locking lugs. This novel type of bolt was a major improvement over the simpler Dreyse and Chassepot bolt actions. The Vetterli was also the first repeating bolt-action rifle to feature a self-cocking action and a small caliber bore.

The Vetterli rifle M78 differs from the Vetterli rifle M1878/81 and M1881 mainly by the rear sight.
Many alleged Vetterli rifle mod. 1878 are in fact Vetterli rifle M1878/81; most of the rifles were converted and many weapons built as Vetterli rifle M1881 were still stamped with M.78 on the side of the action.

This is a M.78 later upgarded with the M.81 rear sight

Most M.78 rifles upgraded to M.78/81 with the later rear sight still retained their M.78 markings


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