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Birmingham Small Arms

BSA- Sportsman Five
Serial No K11553
Calibre .22

Excellent Condition


Represent a significant part of British, and particularly BSA, small-bore rifle history

The first 'Sportsman' rifle, introduced in 1947, was single shot, and effectively a BSA Model No.3 rifle with modifications to the bolt-action, which rifle dated back to 1939.

Progression of the Sportsman range was unusually rapid.
The Sportsman Five repeating model came onto the market one year later, in 1948; this was the five-round box-magazine version.

The Sportsman Five was manufactured between 1948 and 1955


This example has been fitted with a Parker-Hale Model 16 aperture sight fitted to the receiver, and a PH FS22 tunnel fore-sight.
T heres is also a Parker Hale Element holder fitted underneath

This rifle came in to day to be scrapped for its valuable parts (sights, magazine, element holder, stock etc) as they fetch more on ebay than what the rifle is worth

Its a tragedy to scrap this rifle, its in excellent condition and hasnt seen much use at all.

These are rifles are now beginning collectable and are excellent value for money, they also make excellent entry rifles in to small bore shooting and collecting.