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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Fininish Capture
Refurbished by Tikka 1944
Serial No 65368
Calibre 7.62x54mm

Very Good Condition

Late in the Continuation War Tikkakoski produced M91/30 rifles. The project was probably undertaken simply because there were large numbers of M91 parts on hand from captured Soviet rifles that were not serviceable. The most noticeable difference in these and Soviet M91/30s is the blade front sight as opposed to the post and globe used by the Soviets, although some of the Finnish rifles also use a post and globe. Most Finnish M91/30s are built on the earlier hexagonal receivers, but there are some found on later round receivers, primarily with barrel dates of 1944.


This is a nice example of a Russian 1920 Dated Tula M91 Rifle Captured by the Finns
That was refurbished by Tikka in 1944 as a M91/30

It bears its correct Finnish two piece stock.

The bore is in Good Condition

The barrel is a Tikka Barrel Dated 1944
The barrel also bears the "SA" mark which is an abbreviation of Suomen Armeija (Finnish Army) and used as a property mark.

The Hex receiver still has the original Tula Factory "Hammer" emblem

The Stock on this example bears a feint Russian Star Aresnal Mark and has been converted to a two piece stock and also has the stock reinforcing strips added under the
butt plate though just visisble