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No4T Mk1 (T)
Sniper Rifle
Serial No: N34967
Less Telescope

BSA 1944
Calibre .303

Price: £3,200 - Commission Sale

A genuine WW2 No4T Scopeless


It is believed 3,440 No4Ts remained unfinished when the contract with Holland and Holland ended in 1946.

These were designated “No. 4 MK. I (T. LESS TELESCOPE)” as they never had scopes mated to the rifles, and this designation was stencilled on the front of their
No. 15 Mk. I wooden chests and held in War Reserve Stores, probably at Weedon or Donnington.

Most surviving examples of these rifles have the "TR & S51" marks and cheek rests, but do not have the T on the side of the asction or telecscope serial number
on the wrist of the butt.

This is a great example of a T. Less Telsecope, matching numbers throughout, most of the Holland & Holland Brunofix surface finish is still intact.

The No15 MkI Transit chest is original the to the rifle and still has the original matching serial number labels.

The butt has the the S51 Holland & Holland Inspectors mark, but no telescope serial number on the top of the wrist.

Its very rare to see a BSA example as they are nearly always Savage examples

A Rare & Original Example