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No8 Mk1
Serial No DA291
Calibre .22
Price: £995

New Zealand Contract

Very Good Condition

Initially the No 8 was for Land Service only and the first batch of 76,000 was produced at ROF Fazakerley, early rifles were produced on No 5 action bodies while later ones used the No 4 body. Fazakerley rifles have an A prefix to the serial number, however, they have been noted with components marked M/47C the code for BSA Shirley.
The No 8 Mk1was introduced in September 1948 and later issued to the RAF and Royal Navy.

In the early 1950s BSA manufactured 3,000 No 8 rifles for New Zealand using both No 4 and No 5 action bodies. These have a DA prefix serial number and are stamped on the left butt socket with date, N^Z and rack number, components are marked M/47C.

There were two action styles, one is very similar to the No5 & the second based on a standard No4 Action both may or may not have the original .303 ejector threaded
hole on the side of the receiver

Whilst BSA designed and manufactured the No.8 rifle at the Shirley factory on the outskirts of Birmingham, a significant number,
probably the greater, of rifles were produced at Fazakerley, the Royal Ordnance Factory in Lancashire.


This version is the rarer NZ Contract & is based on the No5 style of action which has not been machined for the .303 ejector screw

The rear sight is correct and has the "H" setting when used with the Land Scape Targets.

Fitted with a "Long Butt" which is 1/2" Longer Than Standard

Matching serial numbers on the Bolt, Action & Fore-end. The original rubber butt pad is still in very good condition

This a Genuine No8 built in 1952