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BSA 1916
Calibre .22
Serial No 16726

Price: £800

Very Good Order.

The MkIV was approved for Land Service in 1921 and is a conversion from the SMLE Mk III & III*.
Due to nomenclature changes in 1926, it became the “Rifle No2 MkIV*”.
The original designation marking on the butt socket were removed & new ones stamped below the Royal Cypher & original year of manufacture.

The magazine was added in May 1925 with the spring & follower removed.
The purpose of the magazine was to catch spent cases.

The bolt has an off centre floating firing pin & larger extractor claw.


This example is a commercial conversion to the .22 MkIV* Pattern by AG Parker

This particular rifle has matching serial numbers. The rear sight fitted is windage adjustable and is calibated for .22 by the addition of the 25 yard sighting mark.

Comes complete with the BSA Parker No.9 aperture target rear-sight.