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.22 RF Pattern 1914 Short Rifle No.2
& Co. Ltd.
Calibre .22
Serial No Y9209
Price: £1,500

Excellent Order.

Extremeley Rare - Only 1,743 Produced

Approved for Land Service on 28th April 1916, this was a modification of the SMLE MkIII & Converted MkIV. The only alterations consisted of tubing the barrel & altering the bolt, externally the rifle looks unchanged

When first introduced, the magazine was discarded, in 1925, it was ordered that magazine cases, with out the platform are to be fitted in order to catch spent cases.

All matching numbers (except magazine)

Butt still has the A.G.Parker. (AGP) stamp unnder the wrist.

There is some corrosion contained right at the front of the nose cap only, the bore is mint as new condition

Originally stored in cosmoline preserving this rifle - Just Been Proofed