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Sniper Rifle
BSA 1944
Serial No: G32974
Scope No: 26131
Calibre 7.62mm

Commission Sale

Price: £13,500

A genuine L42A1 Sniper Rifle.

Between 1970 - 1981 Approx 1,200 No4Ts Were Converted to the L42A1
(Approx 200 Destroyed In Service)

Converted at Enfield in 1971 from a BSA 1944 dated No4T
Correct L1A1 telescope with original lens covers, Rose brothers mount marked to the rifle, telescope number to the wrist of the butt.

Enfield Record Sheets: Batch No 46, 13 Rifles Completed 14th December 1971 - Dispatched to Donnington

This example has the full kit including all the original parts that are often missing from the chest:

Lense Cleaning Bottle, Sling, Chamber Cleaning Stick, Scout Regimnet Telescope and L5A1 IWS Bracket

This example also comes with the additional later SAS Mount fitted with an Original Schmidt & Bender Scope
The S&B Scope is the L13A1 PM 6x42 Model which would have been fitted to the L96A1 Rifle & has a Accuracy International Serial Number

This SAS mount is a reproduction copied from an Original Mount

This is a great example of a Lee Enfield L42A1 Set