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BSA Small Frame Martini
Model 12/15
Calibre .22
Serial No
Price: £350 - Sold
Very Good Condition

~~ Commission Sale ~~

In the Parker-Hale 1935 catalogue, the rifle is introduced as the " B.S.A. - PARKER MODEL 12/15".

John Knibbs, in his excellent reference book "The Golden Century - a hundred years of BSA manufacture", reports that 13,260 Model No. 12/15 rifles were sold by B.S.A. up to the 'last' leaving the factory in late 1951 - all within the serial range P60001 to P 73260. However, a further reference is made, at the end of chapter 15, noting that a further 5,396 rifles were despatched in the three and a half years following on from November 1951, with the last serial number being P76006. He then confirms, in a later chapter, that a total production of 18,662 was achieved over an eight year period, from which one would infer an end to final production in 1955 (remember that post-war production recommenced in 1947). Disregarding the forced break during the War years, the rifle was actually in production, in one form or another, over a minimum of a sixteen year period.

The ammunition block is the second pattern, the "QL2", and affixes, without gunsmithing, to the action securing pin. The alloy block's split lug locates behind the knurled knob of the action pin. Comes fitted wuith period sling as well

This particular example circa early to mid 1950s and was proably in the last batch produced.

These classic rifles are still capable of amazing accuracy at the fraction of the cost of a modern .22 target rifle