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No4 Mk1
ROF Fazakerley 1944
Serial No KC25154
Calibre .303
Price: £650

Matching & in Excellent Condition

ROF Fazakerley was the Royal Ordnance Factory rifle manufacturing plant in Fazakerley, Liverpool.
Opened in 1941 & Closed in 1960

This example was manufactured in January 1944, has matching numbers on the Action, Barrel & Bolt,
Fore-end is also marked 1/44 (January 1944)

Magazine is mis-matched

The bore is in excellent condition and has the standard 5 groove rifling measuring very tight at just under .302".

Bayonet Lugs are intact, recent imports in to the UK have had these Ground off to De-militarise them in Germany post War

Bedding, Head Space, Bore Wear, Trigger Pull etc Have All been Checked

One of the best War Time original No4 Mk1's we have had for a long time.