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Enfield Enforcer
UK Police Sniper Rifle
Serial No 705
Calibre 7.62mm
Price: £2,500

** Commission Sale **

There were around 767 manufactured by Enfield, not all were assembled.
A number of parts including receivers were sold off to Charnwood Ordnance, who assembled them in to complete rifles & sold them on the civilian market, these were beleived to be in the 700 serial numnber range.

Of the 767 manufactured, 518 were supplied to UK Police Forces and approx 50% of these were destroyed, 99 were exported to Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong & Kuwait
16 Were destroyed during manufacture or during testing, 134 were not assembled

A few original Enforcers were surplused in the late 1990s the rest approximately 50% were destroyed by the individual Police Forces.

This example is matching on the action, bolt & magazine, though the magazine looks to have been renumbered. It is fitted with a correct Parker Hale 5E4 target sight & modified safety.

The bore is in good condition.

The Enforcer Sniper rifles are rarer than No4Ts & L42A1s rifles because of the small quantities manufactured (767) and around 50% were destroyed.

The Pecar scope is in need of a service, it is in focus at 4x magnification but gradually goes out of focus at the other magnifications

Being such a high serial number, from the 1980 batch, I would go on the side of caution, and assume it is one of the 100 or so assembled by Charnwood ordnance.


One of the Rarest of Lee Enfield family of rifles, due to the small numbers manufactured & the qty destroyed by the various Police Forces