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French Modele 1892 Revolver
Calibre 8mm Lebel
Serial No: G39456
Price: £275

Manufacture d'armes de St Etienne (MAS).
The date stamp on the barrel is 1899.

This is the Military & not the Civillian Model

The example still has its original factory finish and straw blued parts and wooden grips.
They are very robust and reliable revolvers and were used by the French throughout WWI, many seeing action again in WWII.
It was the first European revolver to incorporate a swing-out cylinder that assisted rapid reloading.

The Modèle 1892 revolver is a solid frame revolver with the cylinder on a separate frame swinging right for manual reloading. The Modèle 1892 was first fielded in 1893 and was prominent among French military officers during First World War.

A mechanically tight and very well finished handgun, the Modèle 1892 fires 8mm Lebel rounds.

Suitable for either Section 7.1 or 7.3

Excellent Condition