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Portuguese Kropatschek
Calibre 8 X 60R
Serial No: 00466

O.E.W.F.G. Steyr Austrian Kropatschek-Steyr Model 1886 Portuguese Contract Tube Magazine Bolt Action Rifle in 8x60R

The tubular magazine system is based on the Mauser 71/84 and has cut off lever to the right side.
The action is engraved G E W.F.G. STEYER 1886 woth a crowned LI.

The crowned LI is for Luís I who was a member of the House of Braganza, and King of Portugal from 1861 to 1889.
The second son of Maria II and Ferdinand II, he acceded to the throne upon the death of his brother Pedro V.

Walnut stock with regulation iron furniture has the STEYER manufacturers roundel to the right.
Octagonal to round barrel with ladder rear sight. One of the earliest small bore black powder repeating military rifles adopted, when first issued it put the Portuguese army years ahead of its neighbours and potential enemies who like the British were at the time armed with single shot large bore weapons, but the relatively weak action of the Kropatschek was not suitable for use with the powerful new smokeless rounds that were soon adopted by the other European nations and so the rifle quickly became obsolete.
They were however an accurate weapon and some saw service in reserve units up to the end of the First World War.

In good condition with a nice clean stock with good bore and mechanics.

A nice example of one of the early bolt action service rifles adopted in Europe.


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