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M1895 Nagant Revolver
Calibre 7.62 Nagant
Date: 1913

Serial No: 49472

The M1895 Nagant revolver was designed by Leon Nagant, brother of Emile Nagant who contributed to the Mosin-Nagant rifle. It is a seven shot design chambered for the proprietary 7.62X38mmR cartridge. The unique feature of the revolver and the cartridge is the gas seal system. This is accomplished by pushing the cylinder forward as the hammer is cocked so that the forcing cone of the barrel is inserted into the cylinder chamber while the mouth of the cartridge case is inserted into the forcing cone. The bullet itself is recessed into the mouth of the case so that it does not interfere with the rotation of the cylinder. This system effectively creates a gas seal which adds 200 to 300 feet per second to the bullet's initial velocity. A sound suppressor can also be used effectively unlike typical revolver designs.

The Nagant was accepted by Russia in 1895, hence the model number, and initial production was in Liege, Belgium. Domestic production began in 1898 and continued until 1945 although the TT30, forerunner to the TT33, was intended to replace the M1895 for frontline issue. Nagant revolvers were issued to reservists and police well into the 1950s. The standard model was produced in two variations with the difference being the type of action. The "officer's model" was double action and could be fired by simply pulling the trigger which would cock and release the hammer as well as in the single action mode by cocking the hammer first. The "enlisted model" was single action only and it was necessary to cock the hammer manually prior to each shot. It is thought that this was done because only officers were trusted to fire accurately without wasting ammunition with a double action revolver. Orders to discontinue the production of single action only Nagant revolvers were issued in 1922 and all subsequent production was double action.

Most single action models were later converted to double action although some later production examples are single action. These likely were simply repaired with single action parts from earlier revolvers.


An excellent example of the Imperial M1895 Nagant Gas Check Revolver, manufactured at Tula in 1913.
The original Imperial marks are present & have not been defaced, which was quite common in the post Tsarist Russia.

Has an Excellent bore, double action & still has the early style front side blade.

This Iconic revolver now 105 years old, was made when Tsar Nicholas II was still Emperor of all Russia

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