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1907 Pattern Bayonet
Dated 1916
Stock No B147
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Very Good Condition

WW1 dated (1916) Pattern 1907 bayonet by Sanderson.

The Fullered ’07 blade is stamped to the right side with a Broad Arrow next to ordnance inspection stamps and X bending mark next to
a inspection / issue mark.

The left side with Crowned GR over 1907 and 10’ 16 Wilkinson for manufacture in October 1916

It is carried in a standard 1907 leather scabbard which is steel mounted and has the tear drop frog stud

If you look at the bayonet there is evidence it was refurbed & used in WW2

Replacement grips, Linishing marks on the cross piece & Sand blasted blade


This example is from a large qty we have just acquired, that had to be degreased to remove 70 years plus of storage cosmoline.
There is some cosmoline residue inside of the scabbard so is still visible on the blade after cleaning


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