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P14 Enfield
Calibre 0.303
Serial No: 41667
Price: £700

Very Good Condition

Considering this Rifle is now 102 years old and where its been in that time, its still in very good condition.

A Standard Pattern 14 that has been regulated by Fultons of Bisley probably around late the 1930s

This incorpoarted, bedding set up correctly, removal of the Long Range Volley Sights & Ladder Rear Sight.
A Parker Hale 5B Target Sight & Trigger Guard Sing Swivel Were Then Fitted.

This set up was classified as Service Rifle "B" set up

The serial numbers on the action & bolt are all original & matching.

Everything remains in good order the bore has some wear but refuses the .305" guage
The military standard for bore wear; the .307" gauge must not enter the bore, by more than a 1/4"