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Model K31
Serial No 151
Calibre: .22 LR

Commission Sale

.22 Small Bore K31 Training Rifle
Made by the Walter Lienhard Factory in Kriens
Purpose Built bespoke .22 Action

In Switzerland it is known as the: Lienhard K31 KK-Karabiner

Walter Lienhard was the Swiss equivalent of AG Parker & Parker Hale, well known for their Service Rifle & Pistol sub calibre inserts, conversions & accessories.

The highest known example is 344.

The company Walter Lienhard was founded in 1922 in Kriens.

In 1962, the company Walter Lienhard sports weapons factory was taken over by Kurt Grünig (nephew of Walter Lienhard) and Heinz Elmiger and founded the new company Grünig + Elmiger AG in Malters.

Lienhard K31 KK-Karabiner

Single shot, with a specially manufactured bolt that surrounds the barrel feeding the .22 cartridge straight in to the chamber.

Fitted with front / rear target sights & top rail for the alternative dipoter sight

Extremely Rare in the UK