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No4. 7.62 CONV
Target Rifle
Royal Ordnance Factory Enfield 1969
Calibre 7.62x51
Serial No A75
Price: £750

*** Commission Sale ***

Very Good Condition

The No4 7.62 CONV is identical but predates L39A1 and also shares the same serial number range.
The L39A1 started at serial number A167

This particular example was manufactured at Enfield in 1969 and is number A75.

This rifle conforms exactly to the L39A1 on page 513 of the Lee Enfield Book by Ian Skennerton, it has a half stocked forend fitted
with a Enfield hammer forged heavy barrel

Built on a No4 Mk2 action. the 303 magazine was simply used as a loading platform.

The Enfield hammer-forged barrel is fitted with Parker-Hale 'FS22B' foresight tunnel, the receiver is mounted with a Parker-Hale 'PH5C' target sight with
1/4 MOA Adjustment

One of the rarer variant of the 7.62 series of rifles with a low serial number from the first year of manufacture


Serial No Range No.A20 - A115 Dated 1969 marked No4 7.62mm CONV

Were dispatched to the Army Rifle Association on the 11/04/1969

All Rifles after Serial No A10 were machined for the 7.62mm Magazine


Heads Up - When using the.303 Magazine as a loading platform, there is a knack to this; so that the round follows up under the extrator

The Enfield No4. 7.62 CONV is in 7.62x51. - Variation require is: 7.62 or 7.62/.308